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The Louisiana Sisters

My family has been in Louisiana for over 140 years. That is a lot of good cooking and wonderful recipes handed down through the generations. Karen and I  took our  family heritage to heart and realized we had something unique so we decided to share it with the world.  Our first product comes from our father’s olive recipe which he prepared for many years for family gatherings.  We girls went to work test marketing our Dad’s olives on friends.  With great success, it was time to think about putting the olives out for the general public. 

Karen went to work securing a grant through the SBA, as well as obtaining other documentation required by the state for a new business.  I went to work in my kitchen to refine the recipe for mass production.  We enlisted our mom, to design a logo for the new company.  Mom did a water color of the great state of Louisiana with two antebellum girls standing under a cypress tree.  In November of 2007 all the preliminary work was pulled together and Louisiana Sisters was born.  Getting the production on-line took just over a year.  Finally, on February 28, 2009, the first jars of Louisiana Sisters New Orleans Spiced Olives were rolled off the assembly line.  Our crew always consists of family members from Mom and Dad right on through all our siblings, (we are a family of 10 children), our grown children, sister-in-laws and several Aunts and friends.   I guess it  just depended on who was available on production day.

Louisiana Sisters  New Orleans Spiced Olives were such a big hit and one good thing always leads to another that now the family has added three new products.  From our spiced olive marinade we have created our All Natural Bloody Mary Mix and New Orleans Spiced Martini Olive Juice  which captures the combination of our rich family heritage mixed with the delightful flavors of New Orleans and our   Louisiana Sisters Pepper Jelly  is a true Louisiana jelly with all the robust flavors of the peppers without all the heat. Louisiana Sisters goal is to tickle your taste buds using the staples of every Louisiana  kitchen: garlic, celery, onion, and Louisiana cane sugar.  Our products go from cooking to cocktails complimenting other foods with which it is paired to give you a culinary experience.  

From our family to yours, enjoy!

Sharon Mahne

Louisiana Sisters’ Talents run deep.  Mom is not the only artist in our family.  Aunt Joan Tuminello, Mom’s sister, is also an artist of New Orleans and loves to work on the production line for Louisiana Sisters when she is not busy with her art.  She has pursued drawing and painting since childhood but did not become a serious artist  until her retirement a few years ago.   Now Aunt Joan is very busy with her art membership in numerous Art Guilds and workshops.  She enjoys traveling the Bayou Fishing Communities of South Louisiana that inspire most of her paintings.  She has been Louisiana Sisters’ in-house artist for many of our own projects such as the beautiful Louisiana Sisters platters that can be found on our gift page.  We will be showcasing Aunt Joan’s work through our website and always bringing you new projects to view and purchase.  Today, you may view her Sun Kissed Watercolor, Fish For Color, Fish For Color II, Blue Crab and Autumn Swamp on the Gift Page.